Rolla-wipa™ saves time, money & paint

The Rolla-wipa is a 3 in 1 painter’s tool that opens cans easily, stirs paint quickly and removes paint from rollers effectively.

It is a safe and easy to use can opener, a stirring stick for paint and most importantly it easily removes 77% of paint* from any roller sleeve.

Rolla-wipa saves you paint, putting it straight back in the tin. It also allows you to use less water or thinners to finish the cleaning job, making it environmentally friendly. The end result is a painting tool that increases your productivity, reduces costs and saves precious water and paint from going down the drain.

The Rolla-wipa can be used for removing anything you apply with a roller, such as stains, polyurethane, glues, oils, and ink.

With something so simple to use, you’ll never want to clean another roller sleeve without one.

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“The Rolla-wipa is the best thing I’ve brought for years. Great invention ~Makes cleaning up after painting a breeze”.
Diane Quin

“I used the Rolla-wipa and was amazed how much paint was still left on my roller. It really does save a lot of wastage”.
Lisa McDougall, New Zealand

“I’ve never written feedback before. But now feel compelled to write. I was painting with my friend who had a Rolla-wipa. I’m sold! An amazing amount of paint was saved. The roller was far easier to wash out. I now have my 
own one and would definitely recommend it to any painter”.
Virginia Rudhall, New Zealand

“I have used the Rolla-wipa on several clean-ups and have found it very useful. It is easy to use and removes a lot of paint from the roller. This makes cleaning the roller easier and saves paint”.
Dave Keenan, New Zealand

“Wow I witnessed your Rolla-wipa being used and was totally amazed. It squeezed out so much paint back into the can and made the roller lots easier to clean. This must be great for our environment. I’m a convert and will use one always for my clean-up!!! Thanks to you clever inventors”.
Denis Bussell, New Zealand


Rolla-wipa is available from

Resene, Resene ColourShops, Mitre 10, Mitre 10 Mega, Hammer Hardware, PlaceMakers, Guthrie Bowron
and Colour Plus stores nationwide.


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